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Difference Between Maintenance & Repair

One is more expensive than the other!

To make sure you car is going to stay reliable and make your car last longer, preventative maintenance will help. There might be some increased costs in the beginning, but in the long run, you will ensure your car is more efficient, more reliable, and will cost less to repair. Repairs, on the other hand, are when you need to replace or fix something that suddendly stopped working. Repairs are inevidable, and can often be costly. The average cost of replacing a car's engine often ranges from $2,000 to $4,000! This is why regular maintenance is key. When your car is maintained regularly, such as having oil changed every 3,000 miles, or topping off your fluids every few months, you can prevent unnecessary repair costs. Make sure to bring your car in to our shop early before it's too late.

We repair all common and uncommon makes and models in the United States, ranging from Acuras and Chevys to cars like Daewoos and Fiats!

Repair Services

For the unfortunate events in life

Sometimes, your car breaks down. It's a part of life. There's nothing you can do about it other than having to pay a hefty repair bill to the dealerships or other repair shops, or part away with it if you believe it's not worth fixing. Here at PG Brake, we don't charge you an arm or a leg for huge repairs.


You never expected the motor to burn out or the transmission to be stuck in first gear. Sometimes, parts are just worn out as the car accrues mileage. It's either fix it or get a new car. At PG Brake, we give you many options, ranging from installing quality used parts to save money,or letting you splurge on new to be sure that nothing will go wrong anytime soon. Our prices won't force you to go rob a bank to pay for repairs!


Sometimes, your car's wheels might get a bit misaligned. This affects steering, and if not caught early, can lead to very expensive repairs. Also, getting your wheels balanced will lead to less wear-and-tear on the vehicle's tires, and allows for more straight driving, instead of the car pulling to one side often. We have a dedicated bay and machine just for alignments, and we can do most cars. So call in and schedule your alignment today!

Alignments and huge repairs aren't all we do. We do scheduled maintenance for vehicles, oil changes, tune-ups, brake services, inspections, and much, much more. Call in or drop by and see the vast array of services we offer for your vehicle!

Emissions Repair

Failed your car's emission test? Don't worry, PG Brake can fix your car up and make sure it passes Maryland State Emissions the next time you are scheduled to go! Our highly-trained mechanics can find the trouble spots in your vehicle and fix them quickly.